Scope Role Models

We want to work with secondary schools to help them meet their responsibility to create learning environments that positively celebrate difference and End The Awkward as early as possible.

What is Scope Role Models?

Scope Role Models is an exciting new education programme which will educate 11 to 16 year old students about disability, stereotyping and the social model. From our experience, young people welcome openness and stories and that's what we offer through this programme. By presenting facts about disability and having a frank and open discussion with the students, we hope to change attitudes at an early age before they become embedded further.

Furthermore, we want to introduce the students to dynamic and engaging disabled role models who will share their stories in an honest and open manner and be ready to answer any question the students have.

Why should your school book a Scope Role Models session?

  • Our Scope Role Model sessions build a more open, welcoming learning environment, especially for disabled students and students with disabled friends or loved ones.

  • By facilitating open and honest discussion, our sessions can help tackle bullying in schools.

  • ​We can help to challenge and change negative language and attitudes.

  • We can enable schools to hear from experts about disability issues in Britain.

The word scope role models above a striped speech bubble
Rosemary was incredible. After the session my friends and I agreed that she was the most inspirational person that has ever come to the school.
Student from Gresham's School, Norfolk
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