End the Awkward

We're back and this year we want to change more attitudes around disability.

Video describing Sam Renke's awkward experience
Read the transcript of Sam Renke's End the Awkward film.

What to do

Have you seen our Channel 4 shorts? Now you know what not to do.

Here's what you can do.

Read our tips
An employee awkwardly grabbing the amputated arm of another employee - Links to our basic tips.
Read our tips

Not enough people know or interact with disabled people. Because of that, when they do, they often don't know what to do. They panic, or worse, just avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing. Two-thirds of people feel awkward around disability. We want to end that.

How you can help

Take a look at our blogs about awkward moments, submit your own awkward story, or tweet us about your awkward moments using #EndTheAwkward.

A man holding a hearing aid and trying to speak into on a date - Links to Channel 4.

Check out our shorts that we've made in partnership with Channel 4 showing you what not to do.

Man picking up a disabled man

Why are we doing this campaign? Learn more about why we're Ending the Awkward.

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