End the awkward

We're coming back and ready to end the awkward around disability.

Video describing Adam Hills shares his awkward moments
Transcript of Adam Hills awkward moments

Adam Hills

talks awkward on the set of Great Donate.
End the Awkward is coming back. Not enough people know or interact with disabled people. Because of that, when they do, they often don't know what to do. They panic, or worse, just avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing. Two-thirds of people feel awkward around disability. 

We want to end that. Help us #EndtheAwkward and share these awkward moments with friends.
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Kelly, a pink haired woman, in a wheelchair at a pub - Links to our blog.
Check out some of the awkward encounters had in the pub and help us End the Awkward.
Just getting started ending the awkward? Here are some basic tips.
Man looking awkward in pub
How do you handle some of life's most common awkward situations about disability? Here's a few that can often come up.