Scope's Great Donate

We need your stuff this July!

Video describing Adam Hills featuring in our Great Donate video
Read the transcript for our Great Donate video

Scope’s Great Donate is happening again this July. This year we’re asking everyone to be a Great Donate Hero. It’ s really simple! Just have a look around the house for some pre-loved clothes and other items, find your local Scope shop and donate.

We’d love to see you and what you’re donating on Twitter using #GreatDonateHero, so snap a photo of yourself in front of a Scope shop. 
Every 10 minutes in the UK, a family finds out their child is disabled. This can be an incredibly stressful time for parents, who often don’t know where to turn or what it means for their child’s future. Your donations can help support our helpline, which gives much needed support to parents, so they don’t reach breaking point.

Our target is 1 million donated items in July.