For disabled adults

Information for disabled people

Whether you have a physical impairment, learning disability or any other condition, our information is for you.

Money and help with extra costs

How to fund the extra costs of disability.

Disability benefits
Find out what you are entitled to.

How to find extra financial help.

Fuel bills
How to help with heating costs.

Consumer issues
Know your rights as a consumer.

Practical help and advice

Independent living
How to find the support for an independent life.

Social care
A guide to issues around adult social care.

How to have a more accessible home.

Disability equipment
Advice on how to get equipment and how to recycle it, too!  

Assistive technology
Adaptations, computers and technology and help to get them.

Advice on employment.

Finding legal help
How to access free or low-cost legal advice.

Out and about

Where to find accessible leisure activities.

Information for disabled drivers.

How to take part in the community.

Local support 
What’s available in your area.

Health and old age

Resources for disabled parents

Continuing healthcare is a free package of NHS care.

Issues of old age and disability.