About Trendsetters

A group of young disabled people

Trendsetters is a project run by Scope for young disabled people.

There are other people like you out there. Knowing you’re not the only one helps!
A young disabled person who is part of Trendsetters

How Trendsetters started

The Trendsetters project started out as a pilot in late 2009 because Scope kept hearing about disabled young people feeling isolated, different, left out, angry and not understood. We were asked for information specifically for children and young people, and realised that we didn’t have a service that met the needs of this age group, 10 to 18 year olds.

Take a look at the Trendsetters blog to see what we have done over the years.

The end of the Trendsetters project

The Trendsetters project has now finished. It’s been great getting to know you all. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has been involved, particularly the committed and enthusiastic young people who came to the workshops and created the information and content on the website. 

We're grateful for Children in Need and Rank Foundation funding to develop the Trendsetters project.

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