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Mac Keith Press publishes articles aimed at the wider healthcare team and all those involved in the care of disabled children and adults, including: 

The latest publication is:

Cerebral Palsy: Science and Clinical Practice
Edited by Bernard Dan, Margaret Mayston, Nigel Paneth, Lewis Rosenbloom

  • The only fully-comprehensive reference linking the science and clinical practice of cerebral palsy, which will help clinicians improve outcomes for individuals.
  • Creates a useful knowledge base – fully integrated contributions with extensive cross-referencing between chapters, by pre-eminent authors and editors, make this a very readable and accessible volume of immense practical benefit to clinicians.
  • Provides the scientific foundation and principles that are the basis for the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and for the range of interventions that are available with respect to diagnosis and in doing so improve understanding, communication and the outlook for people with CP and their families.
Mac Keith Press publishes two series of books: the Clinics in Developmental Medicine and the International Reviews of Child Neurology Series for the International Child Neurology Association.