• A good story isn’t complicated, it should be simple.
  • A story should have a beginning, middle and an end. You don’t have to put lots of thought in to this but make sure your story makes sense to the listener.
  • Think about the reason you’re telling this story to this listener at this time.
  • It’s great if your story involves you or someone you feel connected to.
  • Try and describe your characters so that the person hearing your story can imagine them as real people.
  • A story needs to have something that keeps people interested. You don’t need lots of exciting events happening every few minutes. A story could be something simple like trying to get on a bus or what you did at school that day.

Finally, you can’t have enough good stories and people will never get tired of hearing them. Why not share your stories with us?

You never know. You might hear a good one in return!