Boy holding a haiku

Speaking to others

Telling someone your story by talking can be an easy and powerful way to tell your story. It can help people to understand what you want. You can use gestures and facial expressions to get your point across too. For example, if you’re happy then you might smile or if you’re angry you might use your arms.

The written word

Writing your story can be a great way to express yourself. You can do this using blogs, or a paper and pen. 

Making a video

Videos are a good way to get your story across quickly. You can make your videos at home using our create your own video guide.

Writing poems

A poem can be long or short. It doesn’t need to rhyme. Our young people created some haikus. A haiku is a short Japanese poem that normally has three lines.

Taking or using pictures

You can draw pictures or take photographs to tell your story.

Or any way you want!

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