Young disabled people

By sharing our experiences as young disabled people, we have created information on a variety of disability issues.


One young person wanted to share her experience of being bullied as a young disabled person by creating a short film. Find out what worked and where to turn if you need to talk to someone about bullying.

Confidence and self-esteem

We got together to talk about how to feel more confident and cope with situations we are worried about.

Storytelling guide

A group of young people learned what makes a great story and how to become a good storyteller. Read Trendsetters' stories and find out how to share your own.

Create your own video guide

We learned how to create videos about things that are important to us. Find out how to create your own videos for the internet.

Cerebral palsy

We thought it would be useful to have information about cerebral palsy for young people because we are tired of having to explain ourselves all the time. 

Useful organisations for young disabled people

Links to other organisations that offer information, support and services for young disabled people.

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