30 Under 30

Throughout June, we shared one story a day from disabled people under 30 who are doing extraordinary things or are leaders in their field.

From wildlife photographers to Paralympians to avid campaigners, there is something for everyone.

Through following the campaign, you will be clued up on the “ones to watch” for the future. We are celebrating disability, helping spread awareness and improve attitudes.
Read Ellie
"I want to connect people like me and show them that they are not alone."
Read Jack
"Be a bit brave, take part and go for it."
Read Kelly
"I think football clubs need to think about disabled people."
Read Landie
"YouTube is really great for talking about disability"
Read Callum
"Some people don't think autistic people can be creative."
Read Chloe
"Your child is not the diagnosis they've been given."
Read Chris
"Really? Deaf people can dance?"
Read Francesca
"A goal without a plan is just a wish"
Read Emily
"It's really important that disability has positive representation."
Read Fashioneyesta
"You're very well dressed for a blind person."
Read Souleyman
He's the Paralympic hopeful who's taking the athletic world by storm
Read Sianagh
Meet the only female climber competing with one arm.
Read Chris
The football player who is representing England in the World Cup
Read Jordanne
Meet Britain's most decorated female tennis player of all time
Read Oliver
This wildlife photographer reveals his top ten snaps
Read Nic
A doctor said that he would never walk, look at what he's up to now.
Read Grace
Grace Mandeville reveals how to become a star on YouTube.
Read Sarah
I'm 'too pretty to be in a wheelchair'
Read Chris
Why Chris is re-creating some of the worst things he has experienced
Read Shelly
YouTube gave me back the things I lost
Read Nicholas
The first left-hand-only pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music
Read Ashley
We need to do more for disabled survivors like me
Read Alice
I want people to have a say in the future of our country
Read Natasha
Meet the gymnast who is allergic to exercise
Read Abbi
Deafness doesn't have to be a disability 
Read Nadia
Recruiting personal assistants means I can live my life how I want to
Read Sam
Setting up a disability community gave me a sense of belonging
Read Calum
Calum is using magic to challenge attitudes
Read Jules
My role on Holby City helps change attitudes about autism
Read Smiiffy
Instead of venting my anger towards people, I've put it into a song