The Care and Support Alliance

We are a member of the Care and Support Alliance (CSA).

The CSA represents over 75 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning for a properly funded care system alongside millions of older, disabled and non-disabled people who deserve better care.  

Cases for change

1.    The social care system is broken and underfunded

Urgent reform is essential, together with extra money to put it into effect and close the growing funding gap.

2.    There is a real public appetite for reform

Families will no longer tolerate a social care system that leaves many with no support and others with poor quality services.

3.    The Care Act significantly improves the legal and policy framework

New legislation has been introduced on adult social care and sets out a positive vision for social care. It has the potential to generate real and lasting change but only if the money is there.

4.    It’s time to act

The Care Act is a once in a generation opportunity to make social care better. However there is a huge gulf between its aspirations and the reality as experienced by disabled and older people each day.

Politicians on all sides must step up and commit to the necessary funding to bring about change.

Failure to act would continue a cycle of cuts, neglect and abuse in social care at great cost to our economy, public services and society which would be a tragic lost opportunity.