About the Commission

Exploring the extra costs disabled people face

Disabled people and their families should be able to live, learn, work and get involved in their communities without facing a financial penalty.

However, disabled people experience extra costs that manifest themselves in a number of ways. This may include paying a premium on specialised goods such as powered wheelchairs and technological equipment, or paying over the top for everyday services such as insurance and energy. 

The Commission

The Extra Costs Commission was a year-long independent inquiry that explored the extra costs faced by disabled people and families with disabled children in England and Wales.

The aims of the Commission were to:

  • Promote better understanding of the key social and market-based drivers of extra costs
  • Develop recommendations for business, government, the voluntary sector and disabled people on how to drive down these extra costs

Interim report

The Commission published its interim report in March 2015. This outlined evidence gathered on extra costs, and a series of proposed recommendations for addressing these costs.

If you want to know more about the research mentioned in the interim report, more detail is set out in this technical report.