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Video describing Warwick Davis Introduces Awkward Disability Stories
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End The Awkward

Find out what we're doing
Find out what we're doing

Scope Role Models

Starting in September, we’ll be working with secondary schools to introduce young people to disabled Role Models in a non-judgmental space. 

The sessions will allow pupils to hear about the issues disabled people face in Britain, ask questions in a safe space and learn about the negative impact of stereotypes.


Twenty years ago, a law to ban discrimination against disabled people was passed by parliament. In November 2015 we shared the stories of the campaigners who inspired and organised, led and fought in the movement for civil rights.

End the Awkward

Not enough people know or interact with disabled people. Because of that, when they do, they often don't know what to do. They panic, or worse, just avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing. Two thirds of people feel awkward around disability. We want to end that.

End Extra Costs

Life can cost more if you are disabled but you shouldn't have to pay a penalty just for living your life.

1 million more disabled people into work

Like everyone, disabled people want to work. Too much is standing in the way right now. Let's make a massive change.