Planning your survey

Surveys can show you quickly whether or not there is popular support for your issue.

Why surveys?

If the results of your survey show there is a limited amount of public support for your issue, you may need to provide better information on your issue. Or it may not be a campaign but something you can tackle through a complaints process.

Who do you want to ask about the issue?

Do you want a general picture of how the public feel about an issue? Or do you want the views of disabled people?
Do you want to ask disabled people, their families, their parents, or local organisations? Who you approach will have a big impact on the results.

How will you collect the data?

You can get people to repond to your survey either online using a website or offline by asking people to complete a paper-based survey in your local high street or at a suitable venue for the audience you plan to target.

You can use online survey providers that will help you create your own survey and allow you to collect and analyse the results as well. Some of these include:

Survey Monkey
Survey Gizmo
Google Forms

The basic services these survey providers offer are free, however there are some additional costs that incur when you want to use the extra funcitionalities offered by the sites.