Our partnership with Leigh Day

We have partnered with specialised human rights and employment firm, Leigh Day since 2014 to support disabled people to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

In 2017, Leigh Day generously supported our research project, Let’s talk, that looks at disabled people’s experiences of talking about their impairment or condition at work.

Through the report, we have formed recommendations on what employers could and should be doing to create inclusive workplaces, as well as recommendations for Government and other organisations to improve information and resources for employers and ensure disabled people can access the right support whilst in work.

For further information,  read the full report here.

Partner with us

Parent holding her disabled child at front door, both smiling

To find out about how your company can support Scope please email corporate@scope.org.uk or call 020 7619 7237.

This research clearly identifies the need for employers to understand the experiences of their disabled members of staff better and to create a culture where they feel safe to openly discuss their needs. All companies – large and small – should be taking steps to review and build on their practices and policies so disabled people are able to confidently access the right support to carry out their work and thrive in their careers.
Emma Satyamurti, Partner, Employment Law Leigh Day