Gaby’s dream job

You're helping us to support young disabled people like Gaby.

Disabled woman makes cakes in a canteen kitchen. She is wearing a blue uniform.

Did you know that only half the disabled people who are old enough to work, and who want to work, have a job? It’s why we’re determined to build a future where disabled people can work in roles where they can contribute, develop and be rewarded on equal terms.

21-year-old Gaby has a learning difficulty. She is determined to seize every opportunity that life sends her way.

Like any young person, Gaby needed an opportunity to show what she could do. Her big passion in life had always been cooking. So when a vacancy came up at a local catering company, she was determined to give it everything she had. But the company was tentative at first and felt that the job might be too technical for Gaby.

To reassure them, we provided support workers to be there through the recruitment process and for Gaby’s first few months in the new role. They offered practical and emotional assistance to Gaby and also advised her new employers on the support that she needed. They were quickly reassured that Gaby was very capable of working and she began to thrive.

“I mainly did cleaning at the start, but then I started doing cooking as well. The busiest day was at Christmas. We made 400 Christmas lunches!”

Gaby is now working independently. Talk to her and it’s clear she doesn’t need anyone to dream her dreams, but she did need our support to break down some of the barriers to achieving them. Without it, she probably wouldn’t have been able to grab the opportunities that came her way.

Thanks so much for all your support.

Now that Gaby’s happy and settled, it’s such a relief. I can't put it into words. But we wouldn't have got there without that support from Scope to prepare the way.
Alison – Gaby’s Mum.