Why do you support Scope?

We met Anthony, who ran the London Marathon for Scope this year, to find out what inspired him to support Scope.

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Lucia is a fearless and determined six-year-old with cerebral palsy which affects her co-ordination and movement. Her dad, Anthony, found support through Scope’s online forum for parents with disabled children.

Anthony explains that there was a lot of confusion until the specialist came in and diagnosed Lucia. Both he and his wife Amanda noticed that Lucia wasn’t developing at the same rate as her twin brother Roman but they didn’t have any answers. Anthony found the diagnosis to be a relief in many ways. It meant they now knew what they were dealing with and could seek further advice and support.

Anthony has found using the Scope online forum a huge help.

“When you’re online, you can talk more openly about things as other people don’t know who you are. The forum is a great way to access information and it’s always there when you need it.”

And now, Anthony can focus on the future - enjoying time with Lucia and his other children.

“Lucia is very mischievous. And she eats more than my other two children put together. I come home for dinner and Lucia brings up a stool next to the table with a spoon to come and eat my dinner with me, which is quite sweet!”

Anthony ran the London Marathon for Scope this year, completing it in three hours, 45 minutes. It was his first marathon and we were thrilled that he chose to run for Scope. “Given the heat on the day, I was pleased with my time. I was amazed at the fantastic spirit and the organisation of it all - real life making stuff.”

The support you give to dads like Anthony provides futures full of possibility. Thank you.

If you'd like to tell us why you support Scope, we'd love to hear your story. Email supportercare@scope.org.uk.

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