Sue's story

"I didn't know who to turn to."

A year ago, Sue was struggling to care for her daughter Chloe, 15, who has Asperger’s, severe anxiety and sleep problems. But meeting Scope befriender, Donna, changed everything…

“I’ll never forget the first time Donna came to my house. Chloe was kicking off, smashing plates and screaming. Donna just stepped over the plates, cool as anything, and said ‘I understand’.

Unlike medical professionals who constantly tell you what Chloe can’t do or won’t do, Donna tells me what she’s capable of with a little bit of time and support.

As a parent of a disabled child there’s going to be ups and downs, but with someone by your side, anything seems manageable. Thanks to Donna, I’ve realised I’m doing a good job. I am more confident in my abilities and I feel much less alone.

I can’t imagine where I would have turned to for help if Scope didn’t exist. Donna has given me so much: a bit of direction, a bit of love, and a lot of understanding. Donna’s been there for me and in the future I’d like to be there for someone else.”

Sue is now training to be a Face 2 Face befriender.

Donna has given me so much: a bit of direction, a bit of love, and a lot of understanding.
Sue Mum to Chloe