Volunteering at a Scope charity shop

There are plenty of different roles in our shops

Each shop is different but here are some of the main roles in our shops. Each gives experiences and can help build cofidence.

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Shop manager talking to a volunteer
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Key volunteer

Male sales assistant serving at the till
Unlock our shops potential by supporting the shop management team and coordinate volunteers.

You may also hold and be responsible for a set of keys, opening the shop when required.

Till assistant volunteer

Volunteer handing a bag to a customer at the till
Make every penny counts.You'll provide excellent customer service to all our supporters at the till point.

Operating the till and dealing with various methods of payment. 

Stock sorting volunteer

Woman steaming clothes
You’ll be working behind the scenes by sorting stock and preparing goods for sale in the shop.

Selecting simply the best and recycling items that are unfit to sell in our shops 

Sales assistant volunteers

Female volunteer tidying rails
Help our customers find the perfect fit by providing excellent customer service on the shopfloor.

Talking to customers and donors, making them feel welcome in our shop. 

Book department volunteers

Female volunteer sorting through books
Worm through our books, selecting suitable books for sale

Ensure the book department is always well presented. Keeping an eye out for special or valuable books. 

Visual merchandisers

Female volunteer dressing a window display
Give our shops the wow factor creating eye catching, appealing windows and in-store displays.

Ensure current posters and promotions are set up correctly.