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Harry and his mum Jenny by the Christmas tree
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Your donation will light up Christmas for a child like Harry

Jenny found out her son Harry had cerebral palsy just before Christmas.

She didn’t understand what cerebral palsy was, how it affected him or how to support him. The family felt isolated and the fact it was Christmas made it worse.

"I don't remember much - just walking out of hospital and bursting into tears. I thought I'd broken my baby"

At a time when the Christmas lights are going on and people are celebrating – some disabled children and their families are in a very dark place, not knowing who to turn to.

Please support a child like Harry this Christmas

Calling the Scope helpline can be the moment everything changes. The lights are switched on again when a family knows they’ll get the support they need.

  • More than 4,000 families are expected to turn to Scope this Christmas.
  • You can help make sure every family who contacts us receives the support they need.
  • With support like yours we will raise the £170,000 needed to run our vital services over Christmas.

Please send a gift now to help light up Christmas for a disabled child and their family.

Light up Christmas totaliser, illustration of xmas tree with £50,000 amount highlighted up the side

“Thanks to Scope, we’re no longer in a dark place.”

Mother and son cuddling on the sofa