Support groups are good places to get practical and emotional advice from other parents with disabled children.

There are groups which are for specific conditions. You may find that general support groups are also helpful.

Support groups for specific conditions

Disability charities that support people with a specific condition can help you find support groups of people with similar experiences.

People to ask about support groups

These people often know about what’s on offer in your area:

Finding support groups

Your local authority

Local authorities must publish information about the support that’s available in their area. This is called a ‘local offer’. The quality of information varies, but there should be support groups and contact information.

Find your local offer.

Local support groups

Get help from local groups: 
  • search for local support groups
  • the charity Contact has a map of local groups 
  • search your child’s condition on Contact’s A-Z pages for links to national support groups
  • SENDirect is a database of local services, including support groups
  • search local support group Facebook pages with events or meet-ups
  • sign up to your local parent carer forum newsletter to find out what’s on
  • check if someone has set up a local group for parents on, and see if they’re running any events such as coffee mornings.

Online support groups

Explore online communities and forums: You do not have to post or comment unless you want to. You can just read if that helps.

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