Rolling games

Games you can play if you can roll

Arrow rolling


  • Large bright balls
  • Chime balls
  • Plastic toys with wheels


  • Chime balls
  • Soft sponge balls
  • Heavy soft balls
  • Cylinders
  • Wheeled toys
  • Targets
  • Skittles
  • Stand-up toys
  • Facilitators for children, only if they need them

Play method

  • Rolling along a plinth or table
  • Rolling down a slope
  • Rolling down a length of tube or guttering

In pairs

  • Children roll a ball along a track to each other
  • Children take turns to roll a ball down a slope, tube or guttering, to knock down targets

In teams

  • Children, working together in teams, roll a ball down and over a succession of obstacles into a goal

Scoring if needed

  • Children score when they move the object into the target, or into the ‘goal’ area
  • Teams score points for every object knocked down

Inclusion challenge

  • More mobile children roll up slopes, as well as down