Water play

Choose from the following games:

In a swimming pool

  • Large bright balls
  • Inflatable toys

Using a paddling pool

  • Medium-sized balls and toys

Using a baby bath, part filled

  • Bath toys
  • Small light balls

Using a deep-sided tray, part filled

  • Ping pong balls
  • Feathers (alone or stuck to a ping pong ball)
  • Tiny bath toys
  • Use food dye to colour small amounts of water
  • Facilitators for children, only if they need them

Play method

  • Children use any method appropriate, to move objects across the water; either to each other or towards a target or goal.
  • Each team either takes turns and has one go each, or they all act together.

Scoring if needed

Children score when they move the object into the target, or into the ‘goal’ area.

Inclusion challenge

Better swimmers can be challenged to move their object along a particular route.