Treasure hunt

Equipment required

  • Spots or other markers
  • Facilitators for children, only if they need them
  • Balls or blocks or bean bag animals in the same colours as the spots
  • Bag
  • Timer
  • Means of making music, CD player, drumbeat or voice

Play method

  • Arrange spots all around the floor space.
  • Make the music start.
  • Mobile children run around and find a spot when the music stops.
  • Less mobile children take turns to choose a coloured ball or block or bean bag animal, from the bag.
  • The child on the coloured spot matching the coloured object drawn from the bag, has a very short time to find the treasure.
  • Children are encouraged to join in with the adults, calling out ‘Hotter’ as the seeker gets nearer, and ‘Colder’ as the seeker moves further away.
  • If treasure is found, the child finding it returns it to his team. If not, the game is played again.
  • Once all the treasure is found, the game ends.

Scoring if needed

Team with the most treasure wins.