Stem cell therapies and CP

The potential for stem cell therapies to have an impact on cerebral palsy: opportunities and limitations
Michael G Fehlings
Cerebral palsy (CP) involves a range of physical and mental impairments affecting the individual. Current therapies are restricted to supporting and managing the condition.
Stem cell transplantation holds promise for neural aspects of CP as several types of stem cell have been shown to regenerate cells and improve function in experimental models of central nervous system disorders. This article investigates various cell types and describes how they might have their effects.
We also summarize current clinical trials using Neural Precursor Cells (NPCs) and the state of stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative conditions.
We need to understand more about the safety, efficacy, timing, dose and transplantation route for stem cell therapies. We expect that a combination of therapies will help realize potential as a treatment for CP. 
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