Meet Tess

Illustration of young girl with hearing aid called Tess

What makes me happy?

  • Dressing up and pretending to be famous.
  • Going camping with my friends.
  • Swimming with my friend Jo.
  • When I get to eat one of my nan’s yummy cakes.
  • Going on adventures and getting covered in mud.

What people like about me?

  • I can swim butterfly.
  • I smile a lot!
  • I am good at tidying up.
  • I am great at getting muddy and having fun outside.
  • I can cook 3 different meals (with a little help from my mum). 

How best to support me?

  • I am deaf so I don’t hear sounds or people talking.
  • I use a language called British Sign Language or BSL to talk to my mum and dad and other deaf people. I can tell you more about this if you like.
  • I can understand what you say by looking at your mouth, so please look at me when you are talking.
  • Let me take part in activities that are outside and I’ll be happier!
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