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Disability and wellbeing report

At Scope, we are proud to be one of the first organisations to publicly report on the experiences of our disabled and non-disabled employees.

Reasons for reporting on disability and wellbeing

We believe that all disabled people who can and want to work should have the opportunity to do so.

Yet only 50% of disabled people are in work, compared to 80% of non-disabled people. This is known as the disability employment gap. 

We want to become a leading employer of disabled people and create an open and inclusive culture at Scope. This report is a starting point to achieve our ambition.

Reporting on disability and wellbeing in your workplace

We want to help all employers create a more inclusive workplace culture, so we've created a guide to reporting on disability in the workplace.

Report findings

Sharing information about disability

Through our staff survey and HR monitoring we found:

  • 17% of staff who completed our staff survey in 2018 identify as disabled, which is up 3% from 2017’s survey.
  • 74% of disabled employees responding had shared information about their impairment, condition or disability at work.
  • Of those, 89% had talked with their line managers, and 71% with work colleagues.

We believe that this is a good foundation for building greater openness about disability at Scope. We aim to see this number rise over the coming years.

Reasonable adjustments

  • 66% of disabled respondents has a reasonable adjustment made. Just over half of these expressed satisfaction.
  • 13% were dissatisfied.

Disability confidence

  • 86% of respondents said they are confident supporting and including disabled colleagues.

We are still learning, and by being open about our performance, we want to encourage other employers to report and work with us.

Staff wellbeing

We are collecting information about the wellbeing of our staff, and we know from our 2018 staff survey that:

  • 82% agreed with the statement “I feel like I am Making a difference. Just over a third strong agreed.
  • 92% agreed with the statement “I enjoy the work I do” with 45% strongly agreeing. 
  • Almost 60% of staff were happy with our flexible working arrangements

A foundation to build on

This report is the first step in making disability equality a reality and improving staff wellbeing. We will use this data as a baseline to identify areas that can be improved.

Over the next 12 months we are committed to:

  • Making sure our recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible Improve how we develop and support employees including disabled staff 
  • Improve how we deliver reasonable adjustments 
  • Provide disability equality training to all staff 
  • Introduce resources to support all staff in terms of understanding disability in the workplace 
  • Run more sessions with our disabled staff to share their experiences with others
  • Identifying and implementing effective wellbeing improvements.

Read our full Disability and Wellbeing Report (PDF 475KB).

Advice and support for disabled workers

Scope employment services

Work and careers advice and support


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