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Gender pay gap report 2019 to 2020

Our gender pay gap at Scope is 29.7%. Our gender pay gap has moved since 2018.

In recent years we have transformed our business model and have divested our regulated and day services. This has revealed the areas of the business we need to improve.

At Scope, we take inclusion and equality seriously. We are determined to fix the situation. But, we know this will take time.

Employees receiving a bonus


10.4% received a bonus

89.6% did not receive a bonus


28.9% received a bonus

71.1% did not receive a bonus

Difference in pay and bonuses

The difference in pay and bonuses between men and women.

  • the 'mean gap': is the difference in total wage spend for men and women at Scope
  • the 'median gap': is the difference in pay between middle-ranking men and woman at Scope
  • a negative percentage represents a pay gap in favour of women

Pay gap

Mean: 29.7%

Median: 32.6%

Bonus gap

Mean: -8.5%

Median: -25.0%

Pay quartiles

The percentage of men and women in each pay band.

BandTotal percentage of femalesTotal percentage of males
A (lowest)80.6%19.4%
D (highest)52.9%47.1%


Reducing the pay gap

Action we've taken

  • We introduced an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser role in November 2019, one of their key priorities over the next year is to focus on gender pay.
  • We joined a charity sector mentoring scheme, which started in January 2020 with the majority of those mentored at Scope being female.
  • Our senior executive team is smaller and has a different gender make-up than at this point last year, with women now making up 80% of the team. This matches the overall gender split of the organisation.

Action for 2020 and beyond

  • We have piloted a management development programme in our Retail estate, made up of a group of nearly 90% women, further roll out of this will happen during 2020.
  • Management training to support attraction and retention will be rolled out to tie in with the delivery of a new applicant tracking system, helping us identify how many women apply and are appointed. Particularly for senior management and leadership roles.
  • Our Leading the Field employee group will be looking at gender in 2020 to 2021 supporting leadership in developing its approaches and providing valuable feedback on the journey.
  • Our Reward process will be reviewed in 2020 to 2021, this has already started with scrutiny of ad hoc pay increases.

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