Gender pay gap 2016 to 17

Summary of findings

Most of our workforce is female: 79% women, 21% men. The percentage of women is high across all quartiles, and only slightly lower in the upper quartile.

We must work to maintain this and ensure that both women and men can aspire to the highest level in our organisation.

Scope has a gender pay gap of 11%, which we recognise demonstrates the need to take prompt and robust action. We will do so even though the gap is below the national average of 18%, and while we are mindful that the shape of our workforce will be changing as we implement our strategy, Everyday Equality. The reported median pay gap, at 0%, is due to the large number of support workers within one level, who are paid around the mid-point.

While we have reached, or are close to reaching, parity between men and women in the lowest pay quartile, there is an increase in the gender pay gap in each subsequent quartile. The largest gap apparent is in the upper quartile. The data on this quartile are mixed: a median pay gap in favour of women, but the mean pay gap is in favour of men. This indicates that a small number of male staff are paid significantly more than most of the female staff while, conversely, a greater number of female staff are paid at a higher rate than male staff in the quartile.

We also report a disparity in both mean and median in favour of men, in relation to bonuses paid in our Retail division. In understanding the data on bonuses, it is important to note that the calculation is based on the total sum paid. Given that more female staff in retail work part-time, that has had an impact on the overall results.

Breakdown of gender pay gap

  • Male 21%
  • Female 79%

Overall pay gap for employees

Note: a negative percentage figure indicates a pay gap in favour of women. A positive percentage figure indicates a pay gap in favour of men.

  • Mean: 11% gap
  • Median: No gap
 Lower quartileLower middle quartileUpper middle quartileUpper quartile
 Mean gap % -0.1% 0.5% 1.8% 13%
 Median gap % 0% 0.1% 1.3% -22%
 % of male/female relevant employees

Male: 23%

Female: 77%

Male: 19%

Female: 84%

 Male: 16%


 Male: 25%

Female: 75%

Bonuses in Retail

  • Men receiving a bonus: 14%
  • Women receiving a bonus: 85%

Gap between men and women receiving bonuses

  • Mean: 26%
  • Median: 33%
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