Policy and research

We work to create changes to policy and practice for disabled people living in England and Wales.

Leading my life my way

Our new research into young disabled people's experience of supported living.
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Harrison, a young man working at a supermarket checkout
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We develop recommendations with politicians and policymakers across Westminster and Whitehall to improve the lives of disabled people. 
The work we do is underpinned by our innovative research programme, which gives Scope a unique insight into disabled people’s experiences, needs and aspirations. 

Extra costs

Disabled people spend £550 a month on disability related costs. Scope works to reduce the financial penalty faced by disabled people.

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Only 48 per cent of disabled people are in work, compared to nearly 80 per cent of non-disabled people. Scope aims to work with Government on their commitment to halve the disability employment gap.

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Social care

55 per cent of disabled people say social care never supports their independence. We work with Government and the sector to make a more effective social care system.

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