Appealing a PIP decision - film 1

Debbie: [Sitting in a head and shoulders frame with a Scope banner behind her, talking to camera]  

So you want to appeal a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit decision.

We’ve broken this process down into five easy to follow films. In the first film I’ll take you through the mandatory reconsideration process. You have one calendar month from the date on your decision letter to request a mandatory reconsideration.

Before you request a mandatory reconsideration go through your paperwork and pick out all the points that you don’t agree with. If possible, seek advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau, Disabled Person’s Organisation or a local welfare rights team. Don’t panic if you can’t get advice.

Review the PIP descriptors and work out why you should have qualified. If possible try and get some new evidence to support this. Call the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and explain your reasons for disputing the decision and point out why you feel that you should have qualified. 

Can you do the activity reliably, safely, repeatedly, to an acceptable standard and in good time? If not, you might qualify for a higher score.

If you have further medical evidence, tell the DWP that you’ll send this as soon as you can.

After the call, start your mandatory reconsideration letter. Remember to challenge every point you don’t agree with. Keep copies of everything you send. Send in new evidence if you’ve been able to get it. If you can, send it recorded or special delivery. Keep proof of postage.

If you can’t meet the deadline, tell the DWP as soon as possible. It’s best to keep within the timescales but if you can’t you might be allowed some more time.

In the next film I’ll talk you through going from Mandatory Reconsideration to Appeal Tribunal. Click on the button on the top right of the screen now to go straight to that film. 

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