Appealing a PIP decision - film 3

Debbie: [Sitting in a head and shoulders frame with a Scope banner behind her, talking to camera]  

So, you want to appeal a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit decision.

We’ve broken the process down into five easy to follow steps. 

This is the third film, and in this film I’ll be talking you through how to prepare for the hearing.

The DWP will look at their decision again once they have received your appeal. They can revise your award at any point up until the hearing if for example, you send in new evidence.

You will be told the date of the hearing 14 days in advance. You should receive directions to the venue with transport links, accessibility information and also expenses. Review your paper evidence and think about what extra evidence you might need. Attending the hearing and telling the panel about your disability counts as evidence.

You can send in evidence at any point up until the hearing but don’t save it all up for the hearing as this could delay matters.

All papers relating to the appeal will be sent to the panel members before the hearing. This will give them the chance to identify if there are any problems or issues that may affect the hearing from going ahead.

In the next film I’ll talk you through what to do at the hearing. Click the button on the top right to go straight to the film. 

Visit our website for more information on appealing a Personal Independence Payment benefit decision.