School for Disabled Children - Ingfield Manor - video transcript

A video from Scope's YouTube channel

21 May 2013


Shot of the exterior of Ingfield Manor School. 

Shot of Ingfield Manor School sign. 

Two or three school children in a classroom. 

Young schoolgirl looking at something with excitement. 

Young schoolboy smiling in the direction of the camera. 

Young blonde schoolboy inside a classroom playing with some toys. 

Two schoolboys and a lady within a classroom playing with some ten pin bowling.

The skittles fall over.  

Two ladies looking after three children and playing snakes and ladders with them. 

Lady moving the snake on the large snakes and ladders board. 

Young boy throwing a large dice whilst playing snakes and ladders. 

Someone looking at an ingredients list for white bread rolls. 

Female teacher and a young student weighing up flour.

Shot of a young disabled child with an apron on.

Young boy learning how to bake and mix ingredients.

In the foreground there is weighing scales with some ingredients being measured. 

Children learning how to bake and pouring ingredients into a bowl. 

Child mixing some ingredients in a bowl. 

Eggs being poured into the mixing bowl.

Children weighing ingredients and seeing how much it weighs. 

Children buttering bread.

Shot of an Ingfield Manor student. 

Baked beans being put on bread in a toasted sandwich maker. 

Shot of a young boy with a beaming smile on his face. 

Shot of somebody kneading dough. 

Young boy smelling the dough. 

Young boy and lady with a small brush and chopping board. 

Person putting mixture on a ball of dough using a small brush. 

Shot of the inside of the breadmaker with a follow up shot of the buttons on the breadmaker. 

A giant ball of dough on an oven dish. 

Shot of a young boy, looking rather excited. 

Young boy playing with toys in front of a large snakes and ladders board. 

Young boy in a red shirt smiling and laughing. 

Two students, one with glasses smiling in the direction of the camera. 

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