2013 Royal Parks - video transcript

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30th October 2013



Images of a sunny day at Hyde Park, London. Swans and ducks congrugate on a pond.
A tall banner on a mast promotes the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.
Two woman in racing attire stand in the park, lots of people, canopies and tents are in the background. The two women are preparing themselves for the race adjusting their clothes.
Large crowds walk around the park and people are smiling, the park is colourful with different types of running clothing, a woman hands out Lucozade energy drinks, teams huddle together and other are preparing themselves to race with excitement and anticipation.
The camera pans across a running team's large mauve banner which has an illustrated squirrel and varsity text on it reading: "Team Squirrel"
A large team of runners pose for a press picture with their hands above their head forming the a heart shape. Another man in running attire waves to the camera. Images of people runners in pairs, stretching and preparing themselves - they run up and down on the spot.
A group of four women all in orange t-shirts carry tall orange sign posts that have a large arrow and the word 'Start' boldly printed across on them.
The camera pans across a wide paved road - the starting line for the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. Behind an orange ribbon stands a large bustling crowd of runners, some are standing, others stretching their legs or shaking their arms. The camera moves over the top of the crowd revealing the long stretch of particpants all collected at the marathon starting positon.
The marathon begins and those at the front of the crowd begin their run.
Hundreds of people are jogging with spectators cheering behind the white fences on the sides of the road. One man in a red t-shirt looks to the camera that sits above the crowd and raises his arms to cheer, others follow his actions and raise their arms.
Various shots of people running in the warm afternoon sunlight. Tall and lush green trees stand over the wide road, filled with hundreds of runners.
In slow-motion we see the runners approaching the impressive Marble Arch which towers over the crowd, sunflares break through the row of trees in the background.
In slow-motion two participants run approaching the dramatic centre of Marble Arch.
The camera pans across Buckingham Palace, which the marathon race track passes through. Crowds of people run past the royal palace.
More slow-motion of runners as they cross famous landmarks of London. Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The crowds of marathon runners cross over Westminster Bridge which is closed off to traffic. A small boat cruises down the River Thames.
Back at Hyde Park a stage of musical acts is underway and people are relaxing in the sun, sitting in deck chairs and on the grass. Lots of canopies and gazeebos sit in the background, familes are collected on the grass in small groups with picknicks.
Back to the race, the runners reaching the other side of Westminster Bridge wave to the  cameras. The London Eye sits in the background.
More images of particiapants as they run along Victoria Embankment. The crowds stretch far off into the distance. Spectators cheer on the participants waving baloons and banners.
Festivities continue in the park, adults dressed in costumes of Knights and Crocodiles blow bubbles into the air. Children play and  jump around trying to catch the bubbles as they float away.
Crowds queue up for the variety of foods being cooked under the gazeebos and more bands play at various points around the park. A large brass and woodwind band sit on a stage in the park - lines of runners in the distance course around the park.
A marathon runner high-fives a little girl that stands on the sidelines as she runs along.
Images of Hyde Park fountains look picturesque on the summers day and participants run along with bottles of water in their hand. They smile and cheer, waving to the cameras. A small boy sits on the curb of the pavement cheering on the scores of runners.
The finishing line comes into approach. Various shots of participants, jogging, running, cheering and skipping as they cross the finishing line completing the marathon. They high five each other, wave to the camera, sprint to the end and raise their bottles of water in gleeful celebration.
Participants put their arms around each other, exhausted, smiling and happy.

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