Angela's petition hand - in at 11 Downing street - video transcript

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25 June 2013



Social care is the vital support many disabled people need to wash, dress, leave the house and live their lives. 

On 24 June 2013, Angela Murray handed in a petition with over 46,000 signatures to 11 Downing Street

Urging George Osborne to fund social care in the government's spending review this Wednesday.

Angela: Today I'm handing in a petition to 11 Downing Street. Basically to help people all around the country that need social care.

Reporter: What would you message be to the government?  

Angela: Please re - think. 

Reporter: Are there many other people in the same situation as you? 

Angela: Thousands. 

Angela: I'm amazed,  I'm completely overwhelmed by it. I never thought for a minute that it would get as big as it has done. But it's really encouraging, really heart warming that so many people care about what's going on. Britain Cares. 

VO: Show you care at
And if we work together, we can show them: Britain Cares.

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