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Sleep story for kids

Watch the video of Sure Enough, a bedtime story written and illustrated by sleep practitioner and parent Helen Westbrook.

Video transcript

Sure Enough

Written and illustrated by Helen Westbrook

Every night mummy read a story to her precious little girl.

One night the story was about a tiny crab that lived in the sea near a beautiful beach with his friend.

The big crab could see his little friend was wanting to ask a question, so he waited. He waited patiently.

Finally, bobbing in the waves, the little crab asked, “Why does the sea go out from the beach and leave us every day?”

The big crab explained, “If it didn’t go, we would never rest under the wet sand. Remember when it returns it brings with it lots of lovely food for us to eat.”

That day when the sea went out, the tiny crab slipped under the sand to wait for the sea to return and had a lovely deep sleep. And sure enough, the sea later returned.

The next night mummy told a story of a little mouse who played safely under the light of the moon.

“But why does the moon leave us each morning?” she grumbled to the big wise mouse who was leading her back to their home under the bush.

“So, we can get some shut eye. Don’t fret; it will come back at the end of the day.”

“Really?” asked the little mouse. Sure enough, the moon returned that night and shone with its silver rays so the little mouse could play in the long grass safely.

The next night mummy told the story of the little bird who loved to sit on her favourite branch and sing under the warm gaze of the sun.

The little bird hated when the sun slowly disappeared out of sight in the evening. While all the other birds sang and soared in flight through its softening rays of light, the little bird sat and shivered. One day she asked a friendly bird flying past,

“Why does the sun have to go, and night come?”

“So, we can give our voices and wings rest for tomorrow. Don’t worry, it will return tomorrow,” the bird said.

Little bird slept a little happier that night and sure enough the sun rose and with it her little voice sang more beautifully than ever.

Mummy sat and smiled at her little girl with loving eyes and waited…

The little girl sighed, and looking at her mummy said, “Will you always be back in the morning?”

Mummy kissed her gently. “I may not be as powerful as the sea or as big as the moon or as bright as the sun, but I am going nowhere far from you my precious little one… just into my own bed so we can both get a good night’s sleep.”

The little girl thought for a while of the tiny crab sleeping under the wet sand, of the mouse snoring inside the bush and the sweet little bird sleeping on the branch and so the little girl slipped under the covers and mummy tucked her in and said,

“See you in the morning.”

And, sure enough, she did.

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