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Smart meters

Smart meters are the new generation of electric and gas meters. They are free of charge. Your energy supplier will fit them for you.

You do not need to have broadband. Smart meters work in areas with poor phone signal, as they use radio waves.

Advantages of smart meters

  • You do not have to take meter readings manually. This is useful if you find it hard to access your meter.
  • No estimated bills. The reading will be accurate so no more over- or under-paying.
  • The in-home display allows you to see how much you are spending and what appliances are costing you the most.

SMETS 1 (Version 1) smart meters

If you had a smart meter installed a few years ago, it’s likely to be the first version. These can take automatic meter reads but can lose this functionality if you switch supplier. But these will get a remote upgrade soon to Version 2. The supplier will do this for you without visiting your home.

SMETS 2 (Version 2) smart meters

These newer smart meters started from November 2019. They take automatic meter readings and keeping functioning normally if you switch supplier. They are suitable for someone who switches regularly and wants to ensure they have accurate bills.

Getting a smart meter

Most energy suppliers have a smart meter page on their website where you can sign up online or you can call your supplier.

Contact your energy supplier about getting a smart meter (Smart Energy GB)

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