How to include young people

Using one-page profiles to include all children

Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis introduces Jo, Pete and their friends in this short animation.

It’s fun when everyone can take part

We all have things that make us happy, we all have different skills and sometimes we need support from other people.

Jo, Pete and their friends have all completed a one-page profile to tell us more about themselves. One-page profiles are a great help in getting to know someone!

They are an easy way to share information that is useful for other people in a group to know. They have 4 parts: 

  • A photo of me or a picture I like
  • What people like about me
  • What makes me happy
  • How best to support me

Create a one-page profile with children and young people and others who know them well. These could be family, friends or other people who support them. It’s best to do this as a group. Download a template, make your own or use some of the great templates Sheffkids have created.

Take a look at each character’s one-page profile. You may want to watch the film a couple of times and focus on a character at a time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

What people like about me

  • Talk about what other people like about each of the characters. Chat about whether they are like young people in the group or their friends or family.
  • Roll a ball to each other. Everyone says what they like and admire about the person they are rolling the ball too. Write these things down. Tape a piece of paper to each person’s back.
  • Move around the room. Everyone writes what they like and admire about each person on the paper. Share these as a group.

What makes me happy

  • Talk about what makes each of the characters happy. What makes the young people in your group happy? Do they like some of the same things as characters in the film?
  • Draw a picture of what makes a ‘good day’. Ask the young people to think about who they’ll see, what they would do and where they would go. Have some images from magazines to help.
  • Get into groups. Act out in ‘freeze frame’ what makes me happy for each of the young people in the group. Write key points from the role plays down.

How best to support me

  • It may be helpful to invite people who know the young people well to get involved with this bit.
  • Talk about the support each character needs. Ask young people in your group to think about something that they need support with and write it down. Support can be anything, from advice to help doing something.
  • Go fishing! Have some nets to catch fish with questions or statements on that you take it in turns to answer as a group such as ‘I like it when…’, ‘I feel sad when...’

Why not?

  • Add to the profiles as the young people get to know each other and new people join your group.
  • Add a photo, draw a picture or include an image the person likes.
  • Ask the adults to complete a profile too. This will encourage young people and is good fun.


  • Use one-page profiles to get to know the young people and each other.
  • We all change, so regularly review the profiles.
  • Store the information safely.
  • The profile belongs to each young person, so give them a copy they can take home.

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