Blogging for your campaign

What is a blog?

It's like writing a public diary of what you’re interested in and why you’re doing it. You can produce either written or video blogs.


Why would you write a blog?

To get your message out in order to raise awareness and engage existing and potential supporters.


When running a campaign how would you use one? 

  • To share why you are running your campaign
  • To let people or organisations know how they can get involved
  • To publicise your events and activities
  • Can be used to promote surveys and petitions
  • To report back on the progress you are making


How do you encourage people to read your blog posts?

  • By sharing blog content through social media – for example, Twitter or Facebook
  • Letting people know about your blog by emailing contacts or sharing when you meet with them
  • Asking a prominent local blogger or Twitter user to promote your blog or specific posts
  • Guest blogging on a popular local blog
  • Using photographs and videos often attracts more people – you can add photographs or put a YouTube video into your blog

Useful resources