Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into Social Care

MP Tom Brake meets with public outside Houses of Parliament

The Local Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) and the All-Party Parliamentary Disability Group have held an inquiry into care for working age disabled people. This report was released on 15 May

After hearing evidence from disabled people about different aspects of social care reform, the group also heard from disability and social change organisations.


Promoting independence, Preventing Crisis report

The key findings of the Promoting Independence, Preventing Crisis report are:

  1. The Department of Health must describe how to balance an individual’s and carer’s interests.  It must be clear that carers’ needs should not be used to stop disabled people’s active participation in society.
  2. The Government should extend the wellbeing principle in the Care and Support Bill to include a right to independent living.
  3. The Government should acknowledge disabled people’s concerns about the closure of the Independent Living Fund. It should also work more closely with disabled people to manage this closure for the 20,000 people affected.
  4. The Office for Disability Issues should urgently review (alongside Think Local, Act Personal) best practice in supporting disabled people, families, councils and providers to pursue independent living.
  5. The Government should change Clause 31 of the Care and Support Bill so that portability is based on a disabled person’s ‘firm intention’ to move.
  6. The Government must prioritise a new eligibility framework, actively engaging core stakeholders, and publish draft regulations relating to it before the second Reading of the Care and Support Bill.
  7. The Government should commit to a lower level for the eligibility threshold in the spending review of 2013.
  8. Regulations arising from the Care and Support Bill should contain transitional arrangements for councils, who currently have eligibility set at higher levels, to ensure they can bring it down to a lower national threshold.
  9. Healthwatch England should investigate Resource Allocations Systems RAS and user-led purchasing to find out if care consumers can afford the true cost of care. It should also suggest ways to improve provisions in the Care and Support Bill.
  10. Health and Wellbeing Boards should be allowed to identify, plan for and commission preventative services, to ensure the independence of disabled people.
  11. The Government must consult on when care contributions begin, for adults who acquire a disability in their adult life.
  12. The Government should encourage councils and the NHS to jointly invest in care and support that promotes independence and prevents crisis.
  13. Up to £2 billion of NHS money should be made available for councils and the NHS to spend on preventative care.