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Two words can change the world

We campaigned to show the Government that around Britain people care about social care.

The difference you made

Too many disabled people are being denied social care – help to do the basics like getting washed, dressed and out of the house. Essential support to live their lives.

Britain Cares is a campaign we ran to show the Government that around the country people care about social care.

Thousands of you sent “I Care” photos to your MPs, asking them to speak out for care and ask the Government to fund social care for disabled people. Some of you even knitted for social care and sent audio messages to your MPs.

And because so many of you came together to show that Britain cares, George Osborne announced a £3.8 billion investment in social care.

This money could go a long way towards solving the social care crisis. It could help ensure disabled people get the essential support they need to get up, get dressed, get out of the house and live their lives like everyone else.

This isn't over and we are still campaigning on social care. This is now part of our living standards campaign. To find out more, visit our page on independent living and read more about our work on social care.

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