Community campaigning

We want to encourage communities to work together for change that benefits everyone

A different approach to campaigning

Many of you will have been involved with some form of local or grassroots campaigning.  Usually a group of disabled people and their supporters campaign together on an access issue.

Community Campaigning will take a different approach.  We want to encourage communities to work together to bring about a change for the benefit of all.   

A community can be many things.  It is where you live, your school or your place of work or where you spend your leisure time. 

Wherever your community is, we want to work with you to make sure disabled people can play a full role in the life of that community.

Over the coming months we will be sharing more of our plans for community campaigning with you but in the meantime we have produced a useful campaigns toolkit and other resources.

To help us achieve our goal of Communities for All, we want to hear from you about your campaigning achievements or contact us if you have an idea you wish to share or get some advice on. 

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