Step 3 - Who can help me achieve my campaign goal?

Who can get me what I want?

In any campaign you need to think about who to influence to bring about change.  We call this influence mapping.  Below shows an example of someone who is unable to get on a bus because the driver hasn’t been trained to use the wheelchair ramp at bus stops: 

Image of influencing map for scenario that is described in paragraph below

In this scenario:

  • Other passengers have a high interest because delays affect their journey time and their high numbers can influence the situation.
  • The bus driver has a high interest but has limited influence because his manager won’t invest resources in training.
  • The manager at the bus depot doesn’t see it as a priority but could have a lot of influence as he can invest in training.
  • Other road users have little influence or interest other than being stuck in traffic behind the delayed bus.

What can influence their decision?

This depends on what you’re campaigning for. Every person and organisation can be influential; you just have to decide which approach will be most effective. We’ve provided some suggestions below:

  • Clear evidence that there is a problem and how many people are affected by it. This can be done using case studies, statistics etc.
  • Show  there is support for your campaign such as a petition - either online or offline, survey or public action. An example of a public action is that if a location is inaccessible then take a group photograph outside it.
  • Explain how the problem can be solved. Is it a change of policy or practice that is required? Be specific about exactly what it is you want.
  • Show your solution will bring benefits. For example, by reducing the likelihood of accidents, by improving the environment or by helping a business attract more customers.
  • Show a law or policy is being broken. It is important to provide evidence – perhaps a case study, perhaps through feedback or perhaps showing that a policy that breaks the law.
  • Prepare answers to any arguments against your campaign.