Creating Your Survey

Surveys are a great way to gather information to support your campaign. Following these simple steps will ensure you get the results you want:


  1. Make sure it’s easy for respondents to provide the information you want.

  2. Provide clear instructions on how you want the question to be answered. If you want the participant to tick more than one box say so.

  3. Providing options is a good way to ensure the respondent’s answer accurately reflects the way they feel about your issue.

  4. Be clear with participants about how you are going to use the data. Making survey responses anonymous often helps to increase response rates.

  5. Before launching any survey, make sure you test it on friends and colleagues.

  6. Think about when you send out your survey. Don’t send it out at a time when people are on holiday or if there are other events happening such as an election or big public event.