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When we talk about the fight for equality, who do you think of?

The rebels, the freedom fighters, revolutionaries, free thinkers.

They fought to make our society more equal, more fair, more democratic.

They refused to be invisible, would not go unheard and stood beside those who could not win alone.

Each generation adds a voice to the strength of the movement, ensuring that it lives on.

But inequality remains across society, across generations, across the world.

One in 5 of us in the UK is disabled.

14 million people facing prejudice and negative attitudes every single day.

If we join our voices together we can change this.

We can all leave the life that we choose free from discrimination.

Every one of us can make a difference.

Will you be counted with us?

Like those who fought before?

Be a Disability Gamechanger.

Join the campaign today.

Together we can end this inequality.

Disability Gamechangers

Are you a Disability Gamechanger? Sign up now and promise to fight for equality with us.

Share this campaign with others, tell us about your experiences, and be the first to hear about our future campaigns.

Half of disabled people feel excluded from society and many say prejudicial attitudes haven’t improved in decades.

We know there is still work to do until all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness, so we all need to work together to change society for the better.

There’s something everyone can do to be a Disability Gamechanger so join us today to end this inequality.

Being independent, confident and connected

Our research found that 2 in 5 disabled people feel undervalued and disconnected from society.

Attitudes, work, public transport, care and support and access to digital technology all play a part.

Our Independent. Confident. Connected. report and recommendations for change

Meet Disability Gamechangers

Disabled people talk about the challenges they face every day and what they want to see change so they can enjoy equality and fairness.

Read real life experiences

How do other people's attitudes affect you?

Connect with our friendly and open community as they share their experiences of how other people's attitudes affect their lives.

Join the discussion happening now in our community

Volunteer and be a Disability Gamechanger

You can help us achieve equality for disabled people by volunteering with us. We have a variety of volunteer roles you can try.

Volunteer today

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