Creating fairer markets for disabled people

Let’s tackle the challenges faced by disabled consumers

Creating fairer markets

We want to ensure disabled people receive a fair and consistent experience.

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Share your experiences
The Government has published a consultation called Modernising Consumer Markets, which is looking at ways to improve how different markets work for consumers.

Some of the areas it is focusing on include: getting a good deal for consumers in regulated markets (e.g. energy and financial services), improving the process of making a complaint and ensuring new technology is used to benefit consumers whilst protecting privacy. 

We know that disabled people often face challenges as consumers, which can drive up the cost of essential goods and services. Our research shows that on average disabled people face extra costs of £570 per month, related to their impairment or condition. 

We want the Government to deliver a bold strategy which ensures disabled people receive a fair and consistent experience across different markets and helps reduce extra costs. Share your experiences as disabled consumers.
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