Lesley's story

"My 18-month-old daughter has cerebral palsy, and her new specially-adapted buggy arrived on Monday. I had assumed it would have a shade and rain cover included, but no - and the cheapest I can find is £200. A rain cover for a non-adapted buggy is less than £20! It is an extra cost we hadn't budgeted for.

We also have extra petrol costs getting to appointments - physiotherapy twice a week, orthotics every six weeks, paediatrician every three months, splint clinic every three months.

Special needs nursery is a car drive away. If she wasn't disabled we could have gone to the one down the road.

We are paying for adaptations to the house to make it wheelchair-friendly - £600 so far, and more to go. We paid £3,500 for a larger car too so we can fit all the extra equipment we need. She isn't old enough yet to receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) mobility allowance. We bear all these costs willingly because we love our daughter, but it is a strain on the family budget."