Sulaiman's story

Going to an event costs three times as much and takes twice as long.
Sulaiman, London

"I use a specialised, 200kg power wheelchair, and most underground stations in London aren't accessible. I have to get a taxi. Going to a meeting or event in central London, which I often do, ends up costing me double or three times as much and taking up double the time.

I can go free on public transport with my Freedom Pass, but I have to pay for tickets for the two support workers I need with me. It's at least an extra £100 to £200 each month.

It's hard to explain to a non-disabled person how much that affects a disabled person - it not only affects your social life and work prospects, but it also has a huge psychological impact because you're not able to get to work or go to places that you should be able to.

I don't want to sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle all day long. I want to go out, socialise, commute like any Londoner, go to work, pay taxes. I'm involved as a campaigner to ensure that everyone has this right in the near future."