A manifesto for disability equality

A General Election has been called and people will be going to vote on the 12 December 2019. This is a great opportunity to get disabled people's voices heard.

There are 14 million disabled people in the UK. That's 1 in 5 of us. After decades of campaigning disabled people still face inequality, whether that is:

  • barriers to employment
  • inaccessible public transport
  • extra costs
  • lack of support during childhood
  • a fair more sustainable care system

Summary of our manifesto

Our manifesto sets out the changes we'd like to see under the next government.

Removing barriers to work

We are calling on government to remove the barriers faced by disabled people when entering work. We want disabled people to reach their full potential.

Our 6 step employment action plan:

  • adopt the disability employment gap as the formal measure of success, aiming to reduce it by half it in the long-term
  • overhaul the Work Capability Assessment to make employment support work for disabled people
  • remove the threat of sanctions and conditions in the welfare system
  • end the 5-week wait for Universal Credit and reintroduce premiums
  • introduce disability employment reporting to build more inclusive recruitment and workplace culture
  • reform Statutory Sick Pay to help disabled people manage changes in health

Making travel fair for disabled people

Inaccessible vehicles, poor customer service and lack of up to date information make using public transport more difficult for disabled people. 

We are calling for a Passenger Charter to give clarity to disabled passengers on what they can expect from transport providers. This will create a culture of transparency and accountability, helping to increase disabled passengers’ confidence in public transport.

In the longer term we are calling for a single transport regulator to hold all transport providers to account.

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Addressing the extra costs of disability

Life costs more if you are disabled. On average disabled people face extra costs of £583 a month.

We are calling for the next government to work with energy companies and regulators tackle the extra costs faced by disabled people. The next government must also make sure disabled people have the right support to cope with extra costs by reforming Personal Independence Payments.

The Disability Price Tag

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Give disabled children the best start in life

All parents want the best for their children. It’s crucial that disabled children and their families receive the right support from the start.

As part of the Disabled Children's Partnership, we are calling on the next government to:

  • fill the £434 million funding gap in children's social care
  • appoint the first Minister for Disabled Children and Families
  • set up an Early Intervention and Family Resilience Innovation Fund

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Social care

We are calling on the next government to create a fair and sustainable care system to support disabled people. As part of the Care and Support Alliance we are calling for a new social care system that meets the following 6 tests:

  • risk must be pooled on a compulsory whole-population basis, funded through taxation
  • care should be free at the point of use
  • independent and standardised national eligibility criteria and assessment process
  • eligibility should be set at a ‘moderate’ level to help those in need of community and preventative support to access it
  • any proposed solution must address the care and support needs of working-age sick and disabled adults, as well as those of older people
  • any proposed solution must ensure increased support for unpaid carers. 

Download our manifesto (PDF 344KB)

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