How your support helps

"Elise is such a happy, wonderful little girl"

Mother with her daughter sitting on sofa next to a Christmas tree. right hand side has purple snowflake design

Elise, who was born prematurely at 33 weeks, was really sick as a baby. She wasn’t meeting her developmental milestones. At nearly one, she wasn’t sitting up.

Getting Elise's diagnosis

Just before last Christmas, we got a letter confirming Elise has cerebral palsy. 

I was devastated – I thought Elise’s life was over before it had even started. I couldn’t stop worrying about her.

Would Elise ever walk? Would she go to school? Would she have any friends? Would she be able to get a job in the future? 

I tried to talk to my family and friends, but I felt like no one understood. Even though I was with people who cared about me, I felt completely alone”

Getting in touch with Scope changed my world

When I called Scope’s helpline, I finally talked to someone who understood what I was going through. It meant the world to me.

Scope has transformed the way I feel – supporting me to be the mum Elise needs. I’ve started to enjoy Elise’s achievements, instead of worrying about what other children can do at her age.

If I hadn’t called Scope, Elise would be missing out on so much. And the world would be missing out on Elise – she is such a happy, wonderful little girl.

Help another parent like me

Over Christmas, as many as 4,000 people will turn to Scope needing support like I did.

This Christmas, you could give a desperate parent the chance to talk to someone who really understands – perhaps for the first time.

Where your money goes

From every pound

 70p  goes towards supporting disabled people and their families, so they can have the same opportunities as everyone else

 20p  is spent on selling your donated goods through our shops, which raises even more money for us

 9p  is spent on fundraising with our supporters

 1p  is spent on making sure the charity is efficient and well run

 A pie chart showing how donor money is spent by Scope